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kind of writing that explains something.

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. Climax/Turning Point. Fable.


The use of words that imitate sounds. Exposition. 18.

The enemy, or bad guy of a story, or literary work. diction.

" The feeling created in the reader by the literary work.

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1. What happens in the story.

. This is a list of terms for describing texts, with an emphasis on terms that apply specifically to poetry, that appear most frequently in literary criticism, or for which dictionary definitions tend to be unenlightening.

Assess your student's knowledge of literary terms and devices.

Assess your student's knowledge of literary terms and devices.

Category or type (of literature) 9.

tone. The personality of a character and the method by which an author reveals that personality. 2.

the critical parts of a story including character, setting, plot, and sequence. 4. Learn more about Quia. Literary Terms and More Quiz Question: What term refers to the structure of interrelated actions, consciously selected and arranged by the author? Answer: Plot involves a considerably higher level of narrative organization than normally occurs in a story or fable. ".

Climax/Turning Point.

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Literary devices are the techniques that are used to enhance key elements of a story.

Reference to another work of literatureAllusion.

is when authors give human traits to animals or some other lifeless.